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All you have to do is follow these simple instructions on ‘How Do I…’ and voila, your favorite McGraw Hill eBooks are with you on your PC, the iPAD and (or) your Android device! You can download your eBooks as a protected PDF or an exciting E PUB file!

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*Please remember, to read your purchased eBooks from this eBookstore, you must download the iPublishCentral Reader on to your PC/device. Download now

How do I download my purchased eBooks to my iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, or iPod Touch?

  1. Download the iOS app from the App store link:
  2. Please login using your registered credentials for "Account" tab.
  3. Then, tap on the "Close" button to close the "Account" window.
  4. Next, please tap on "My Bookshelf" tab at the bottom of the iPad app.
  5. Here, your purchased eBook(s) will appear to be grayed out. Please tap on the eBook, it will start downloading to the "My Bookshelf" in the app.
  6. Once it is downloaded, tap on the eBook to read it.

How do I download the eBook to my computer?

The eBook can be downloaded as long as the computer is online at the time. From My Bookshelf, click on the link to download iPublishCentral Reader. Follow the prompts to download and install the iPublishCentral Reader and the Adobe AIR program. You can then log in to your iPublishCentral McGraw Hill eBooks -- use for the account URL and your access information for the eBooks portal. You will then have all of your titles available to you for offline viewing.

Please follow the below instructions to install the iPublishCentral Reader application to your PC/Mac and download the eBook to the iPublishCentral Reader.

Once you login using your account you will notice a button “Download iPublishCentral reader”.

Click on the download button to go to installation page. Click on install button to set up iPublishCentral reader on your system.

When you use iPublishCentral reader for the first time, you need to login (top right hand side) with the following information:

Log in as Normal user
  1. Select Normal User.
  2. Enter the URL in the Site URL ( field.
  3. Use your registered log-in credentials to log in to iPublishCentral Reader.
    • Enter your user name in the Username field
    • Enter your password in the Password field
    • Click the Sign In button
  4. Click the Sign In button.

If the login credentials are incorrect, then an error message will be displayed "Failed to Authenticate. Invalid Site Information".

Bookshelf displays the subscribed eBooks with a Download button.

The iPublishCentral reader will verify your account details. If the account details are correct, the reader will continue to load. Once loaded, you can see all the books that you have subscribed online with a download link for offline reading.


Android Online Reading options on McGraw Hill eBooks

Open on your default browser on your Android Tablet.

Login using your registered Username & Password

Once you are logged in, your subscribed eBooks will have the Online Reading Options listed.

Click on the Read Now button (Ref Image ) and that will open the eBook in the Online Reader.

Android Offline Reading options on McGraw Hill eBooks

Please follow the instructions below to access the subscribed eBooks on an Android Tablet:

  1. Download and install the iPublishCentral Reader android app from the Google Play Store.
  2. The link is:
  3. Once the app is downloaded and installed, open the app.
  4. Tap on the + to view the list of Publishers
  5. Select McGraw Hill Professional (Ref Image)
  6. Enter your username and password in the log in window and click " Sign In "
  1. The Bookshelf will open up with the thumbnail view (greyed out) of subscribed eBooks.
  2. Select the eBook and tap on Add.
  3. The eBook will get downloaded and will appear on the "All Books" Tab.
  4. Tap on the eBook to read.