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Research Methodology in the Health Sciences: A Quick Reference Guide

By (author) Prasanta Kumar Bhattacharya
ISBN 13 9781260463293 ISBN 10 126046329X Proprietary 126046329X EANUCC 9781260463293
Pages 192
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Concise, readable, and easy to navigate—a practical and thorough guide to conducting efficient and effective medical research

Whether you’re a student, scholar, faculty member, or practicing healthcare professional Research Methodology in the Health Sciences helps you improve your research skills and critically appraise original research and apply it in evidence-based patient care. This peerless guide describes the principles of biostatistics and provides detailed examples to build your comprehension of the utility and applicability of bio-statistical tests, without going into the mathematical details of such tests.

You’ll find accessible coverage of the principles of biomedical ethics in research and publication, review of the medical literature, how to write a dissertation, how to prepare and submit a research manuscript for publication in a journal, how to apply for a research grant to funding agencies, and much more. To enhance the learning process, all examples drawn exclusively from real healthcare scenarios.

Research Methodology in the Health Sciences covers:

  • Planning a research study
  • Writing a dissertation
  • Types of studies in clinical research
  • Observational and interventional studies
  • Approaches to qualitative research
  • Ethics in medical research
  • Biostatistics and descriptive statistics
  • Approaches to statistical interference