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Italian Verb Drills, Premium Fifth Edition

By (author) Paola Nanni-Tate
ISBN 13 9781264264216 ISBN 10 1264264216 Proprietary 1264264216 EANUCC 9781264264216
Pages 208
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Expand your Italian verb mastery with the best review and practice workbook for beginning to intermediate learners—now with extensive support from the McGraw-Hill Language Lab app!

Confident use of verbs is an essential foundation for learning Italian—and also one of the most difficult to master. Italian Verb Drills helps you overcome these obstacles, and lays the foundation with clear explanations and rigorous practice. Written with beginning and intermediate-level learners in mind, it provides numerous examples that demonstrate how the Italian verb system works, along with review and mastery exercises to reinforce learning. With extensive support from the McGraw-Hill Language Lab app, you can also access flashcards, an auto-fill glossary, and a variety of exercises to get you up to speed with valuable immediate feedback.

Boost your mastery of the Italian language with Italian Verb Drills, Premium Fifth Edition:
  • Drills format helps you to focus on verbs without distractions of other kinds of grammar
  • Clear explanations of conjugations, followed by practice exercises to “drill down” what you’ve learned
  • New: Streaming audio recordings of verb conjugations and answers to numerous exercises in the book
  • Bonus flashcards, auto-fill glossary, and interactive exercises helps you gauge what you’ve learned